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Armstrongs Chat is a brand-new technology
in Canada, and only available with us! 

Now available in English & French!

Did you know that roughly 60 percent of people don’t answer the phone when they receive a call? I know I’m guilty of not answering my phone… ever. (Sorry mom!). We recognize that this issue can affect your business, so we’re tackling it with Armstrongs Chat– our free alarm verification service that speeds up response times, decreases false alarm dispatches, and helps customers make better informed decisions. 

Validate Alarms

With unanswered calls – our ability to help serve customers can be severely compromised. With so many calls going unanswered, it takes, on average, 3 phone calls before reaching someone to validate a signal. By the time someone is finally contacted, the average time to dispatch balloons to FIVE minutes!  

The trend is apparent – people aren’t answering their phones…. BUT, according to Gartner’s research, open rates of text messages are 98%. Which is where Armstrongs Chat comes in. It provides a preferred way for customers to communicate with their listed contacts and alarm service. The best part? Armstrongs Chat is easy to add to a dealer’s accounts and is a completely free service.   

Armstrongs Chat Dealer Tool

Here’s how Armstrongs Chat works.

To use Armstrongs Chat, we text users and their contact list a link to join a secure group chat where they can either dismiss or validate alarms.  The members in the group chat can text one another, over this secure platform, to figure out what is going on and whether a dispatch is needed.  

And the result? Reduced false alarm dispatches, better communication, reduction in the time to first engagement, overall decreased costs associated with fine for both dealers and customers, and most important, enhanced overall safety and service for customers.

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